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Performing rhinoplasty means surgically changing the shape as well as the connections of the bones and cartilages of the framework of the nose. Such changes may be lowering the height of the gable when a hump is taken off from the bridge of the nose, a reduction of the width of the nose by decreasing the width of the bony framework in the upper third of the nose with the help of so called osteotomies (a surgically created controlled fracture line), a change of the shape of the tip of the nose by altering the curvature of the cartilages in the lower third of the nose or increasing the height of the gable by transplanting cartilage to the bridge of the nose.

Due to the complexity of surgical maneuvers necessary in rhinoplasty, the majority of nose jobs are today performed using a so called open technique. The small incision in the pillar between the two nostrils (columella), which is a prerequisite to get a nose job done by open rhinoplasty surgery, was likely the most discussed incision in plastic surgery for decades. A nose job with an open technique leads to the most favorable results in the majority of rhinoplasties.