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For the purpose of rhinoplasty surgery we divide the nose into four parts. The upper third consists entirely of bone, the middle third of straight cartilages joining each other and the septum like a gable and the lower third of two paired cartilages, which are bent in several directions. The fourth component is the skin. Depending on its thickness it allows more or less of the underlying shape of the cartilage and bone to shine through.

The nose can be pictured like a house. The skin on the outside forms the roof, the bone and cartilage form the beams and framework, whereas the mucosa on the inside of the nose forms the inner walls. The beam underneath the highest gable of the nose is the septum, which divides the nose into a left and right cavity. Much like the beams and framework with the overlying roof determine the appearance of a house, the skin with its underlying framework and beams of bone and cartilage determine the appearance of the nose.