Rhinoplasty Information

Rhinoplasty is known more commonly as a “nose job.” Involves hiring a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to reconstruct your nose the way you want it.

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Why would anybody want the procedure done?

There are as many reasons as there are patients for the surgery. Maybe you feel your nose is too small, or too big, and you’d like it to be closer to average size, or it could be misshapen. You might want to make your nostrils smaller, or change the dimensions of the bridge or tip of your nose. More importantly, you might suffer from a birth defect or injury, and the procedure would help you breath easier.

Clearly, there are a variety of good reasons for rhinoplasty. The operation is becoming much more common, but like any plastic surgery procedure, it’s not one to take lightly. You should always consult with your doctor about your needs, your plans and the work you want done.

It’s All About Improvement

Rhinoplasty will improve your looks, but not change them entirely. Taking a little off here, expanding there, reducing that and narrowing this won’t give you a totally new face. Rhinoplasty is just for the nose, and the best results are those that make little improvements rather than complete overhauls.

Before you start dreaming of what your new face will look like, take a look at some before and after photos of other patients. Your plastic surgeon will have some for you to see, and you can also see pictures online. Looking at these, you’ll get a good idea of what kinds of changes can be made. Then, you can decide if the operation will get you where you want to go.

When you’re thinking of what you’d like to have done, or not have done, take a look at the results for some celebrities (they’ll be the easiest to find). There are countless examples of celebrities, both male and female, improving their looks buy adjusting their noses. There are also some examples you can use to show your doctor what you don’t want. A bad example can be as informative as a good example.

The best procedures usually involve de-emphasizing the nose so that other parts of the face, like eyes or lips, can become more noticeable. This is something to think about. Your nose is often the first thing people notice, and it could be keeping them from noticing other attractive features of your face. Celebrities offer great examples of what can be done (and what shouldn’t be done) with rhinoplasty.

Know Your Own Needs

The better an idea you have of what you want, the easier it will be for your surgeon to produce the desired results. The single most important factor in the success or failure of your rhinoplasty is knowing exactly what you want. If you can tell your doctor what you want, he or she can decide how to best achieve it.

For those who find themselves looking in the mirror, pressing their noses this way and that, and dreaming of a little nasal improvement, rhinoplasty is a wonderful opportunity. As long as you have realistic expectations and a good idea of what you want, your operation can be a success. Talk to your plastic surgeon about what you have in mind.