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To get a nose job using the open rhinoplasty technique means that the entire skin envelope is lifted off the tip of the nose. Whether patients get a nose job with the closed (or endonasal) technique or the open technique, the soft tissue envelope over the bridge is always lifted off completely in either instance. The open rhinoplasty technique allows the nose job surgeon to completely inspect the intricately bent tip cartilages in their natural state without distortion. Subsequently, their shape can be altered in a very precise fashion.

Also, cartilage can be transplanted to the tip with the surgeon in full control of their position and fixation. The resulting external scar in the pillar is so fine that it is invisible a couple of weeks after patients get a nose job. This is also true in dark skinned, non western patients. It allows them to get a nose job with the open technique, which is particularly important in these so called ethnic rhinoplasty patients, who require extensive changes to their framework to get a nose job with good results. The small invisible scar is really a small price to get a nose job with better results than it may have been possible in the past.